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 Awards Information

To view the awards information, please place cursor over links and press below:

National Garden Clubs, Inc (NGC)

Rocky Mountain Region (RMR)

Federated Garden Clubs of Nebraska (FGCN)

National Garden Clubs, Inc. (NGC)

The awards year is January 1st to December 31st.National Awards must be sent to the FGCN Chairmen by December 30th.  FGCN Chairmen must send them on to the FGCN Awards Chairman, Gretchen Boling, by January 1st.  Some national awards have special dates and requirements.  Please review the awards in the link below.

To access the NGC Awards pdf file, place cursor over blue highlighted link below and press:  NGC 2015-2017 Awards List.

NGC provides youth programs for grade school and high school students and scholarships for college students.  Contests are Smokey Bear and Woodsy Owl poster contest, Essay contest, Poetry contest, HS Service Project and Sculpture contest.  Youth Gardening and Gardens for Children is also available.  To view these programs use the highlighted hyperlink:  2015-2017 National Garden Clubs, Inc. Youth Awards 
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Rocky Mountain Region (RMR)

Regional Awards are presented in September at the Regional conference.  Award cycle is set to match the Meeting time.  The year for the award is September 1 to August 31.  Awards must be sent to the FGCN Chairmen by August 1st.  The FGCN Chairmen must submit the awards to the FGCN Awards Chairman, Gretchen Boling by August 20th.

To access the RMR Awards pdf file, place cursor over blue highlighted link below and press.

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Federated Garden Clubs of Nebraska (FGCN)

The Awards Year is generally for projects, programs and activities, January 1st through December 31st of the prior year with some exceptions as noted in scrapbooks and yearbooks, and youth.  FGCN Awards must be submitted to the appropiate FGCN Chairmen by March 10st.  The FGCN Chairmen must send them on to the FGCN Awards Chairman, Gretchen Bohling, by March 31st.  Certificates and other awards will be presented at the Awards Banquet of the State Annual Meeting in the spring.  Your submitted materials will be displayed at that time and you are responsible for them afterward.

Applications are open to all FGCN garden clubs and in some cases to individual club members.  In many cases, a Book of Evidence is the application, (for the State, these sometimes need not be as fulsome as for National, "application forms" are not required, and you use State Award numbers.  Be sure to put a label on the cover giving the State Award number and name of award you are applying for, and name and town of your club.  If a sheet or sheets of paper is/are the application, put the State Award number and name, and the name and town of your club at the top of the first sheet.  Pictures should be well identified and described.  A project or activity may be eligible for more than one award.  In this case similar but not identical applications may be submitted to each with the text tailored to each.  And lastly, be sure to send it to the right individual State Chairman.

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