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Why become a member of a federated garden club?

Travel: You will be able to take part in field trips that may take you to far away places.  Clubs explore fascinating destinations around their locale.  Through the National Garden Club, Inc. travel to other countries exploring gardens and flower shows are offered to the Federated Garden Clubs of Nebraska members.

Activities: You will experience fun, creative activities from yard art to utilitarian structures.  Whether it is note cards with pressed flowers from your floral garden, hypertufa leaf shaped bird baths or raised garden bed structures, you will find an activity to suit you.

Organizations: You will be apart of someting BIG!  You will be a part of a club, district, state, region and national organizations.  The National Garden Club, Inc. is the largest, most effective volunteer organization of its kind dedicated to the envornment, education, preservation, beauty, community service, replanting trees, disaster relief and much more.  The Federated Garden Clubs of Nebraska work together with National to create a powerful voice and synergistic network for advancing common interests.

Networking: You will have the opportunity to meet and network with other people with similar interests.

Promote Awareness: We help promote education and awareness about the many aspects of horticulture, landscape design, enviornmental issues, gardening, floral design, preservation of forests and grasslands and the creatures that inhabit Nebraska.

Assistance: We give you the opportunity to give or receive assistance in the many facets of gardening/horticulture.

Education:  Four schools are offered to members.  These are Garden Study School, Flower Show School, Enviornmental Studies School and Landscape Design School.  These schools were developed to educate members and the public so that they may increase their knowledge to serve as guardians and critics, so they can collaborate with professionals and they can use their influence with public officials to work with competent professionals on community projects.  To receive a consultation certificate, one must be a member of the National Garden Club, Inc. through membership in The Federated Garden Clubs of Nebraska.  Also multiple refresher courses and symposiums  are offered.

Leadership:  You have the opportunity to  develop or enhance your leadership skills.

Volunteer:  You will experience the pleasure and satisfaction for involvment in community service.  We all receive many blessings when we extend our hand to help others.

Brotherhood: Being a member automatically gives you a feeling of closeness to other members.  You share the bonds of common interest.

Enrichment: Being part of a federated club is an enriching experience. You owe it to yourself to at least try us out.

Exposure: We expose you to real life experiences in the fields of horticulture, gardening, landscape design, environmental issues, arboriculture, ornithology,butterflies,entomology, civic development, energy, endangerd species, floral design, garden therapy, indoor gardening, native plants and wildflowers, organic gardening, recycling, and scrapbooking just to name a few.

Growth: Members of a federated garden club will be encouraging and supportive of your personal growth.

Social: We provide a great way to meet great people and have great fun in a variety of social settings.

Website/Social Media:  The Federated Garden Clubs of Nebraska is providing and designing a website for every federated garden club that is interested in having a website and will help the club sign up for Facebook and/or Twitter.

Legacy:  You have the opportunity to nuture a new generation of gardeners through scholarship programs, contests such as poetry, essay, and art, and promoting youth gardening activities in schools and pubic locations.  We work together to make a difference in the lives of our children.

Why should you be a member of a federated garden club or your existing garden club be federated?  Because we need you!  Your voice will be added to those of more than 400 Federated Garden Clubs of Nebraska members and to  200,000 national members plus international affiliates.  So there you have it. The reasons you owe it to yourself to become a member of a federated garden club.  This is where the fun begins!

To contact the Federated Garden Club of Nebraska, Inc. representative for more information or a club to join or you want your club to become federated, email us at

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