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National Garden Clubs, Inc.

4401 Magnolia Avenue
St. Louis, MO 63110-3492
Fax 314-776-5108
Email:  headquarters@gardenclub.org
Website:  www.gardenclub.org

Mission Statement:

National Garden clubs, Inc. provides education, resources and national networking opportunities for its members to promote the love gardening, floral design, civic and environmental responsibility.

Membership (2015):

Members  200,000
Clubs  6000
|States  50 and the National Capital Area
National Affiliate Member Organziations  70
International Affiliate Member Organizations  300

Organized:  May 1, 1929
Incorporated:  April 18, 1930

NGC President Sandra Robinson

President Sandra Robinson


"Leap into Action"

Special Projects:

"BeeGAP, Monarch Wath, The Frightened Frog, and Bee a Wildlife Action Hero"

The days working in my garden have been limited this spring and summer. Traveling has replaced weeding, mulching, and deadheading, but meeting members across the United States and South America is an exciting and rewarding replacement. Every club, state, region, or country has its own “personality” with programs and projects reflecting the interest of their hardworking, dedicated, and environmentally conscience membership.

I wish everyone could visit the states and hear firsthand the wonderful projects that are changing local communities as well as our members’ lives. The focus of clubs is as diverse as the members and their geographic regions. One thing remains the same no matter the location: garden clubs make their communities and members stronger through active participation. Garden club membership is ultimately what you make it to be.

Looking for a new way to raise money for your club projects? One local club in Montana provides labor and expertise in planting homeowner’s gardens each spring. The homeowner purchases the plants and the members plant a beautiful garden for a donation to the club. They reported on one annual customer who pays $500.00 for this service.

The members of Oregon were challenged to donate excess produce from their gardens equal to their body weight to a local food pantry or other organizations dedicated to fighting hunger. Can you imagine the impact on local hunger if every garden club member took this as their personal challenge?

Garden clubs make their communities and members stronger through active participation. Every project and program has merit.

How are your local garden club members recognized for their work in your state? Wisconsin’s “And Any Other” award, Iowa’s “Circle of Roses” and many others are presented to deserving members in recognition of their significant contributions.

Several states are Leaping into Action by promoting youth projects. Kentucky is “Paving the Way to the Future,” as the Pacific Region encourages us to “Look to the Garden Through the Eyes of a Child, A Kaleidoscope of Possibilities,” while New Jersey prepares for “Youth Lead the Way,” and we hear Wyoming cries to “Hop on Board.” Indiana “Gardeners: Preserving the Past, Beautifying the Present, Preparing for the Future” is fulfilled partly through their strong scholarship program. While heeding Massachusetts call to “Grow Together,” our youths’ development will be enhanced as we find stress relief in our natural surroundings. Let’s unplug our children, let go of our fears and play together.

Nevada recently gave $1,564.00 to Penny Pines for restoration projects and welcomed a new club to the federation. Please visit the projects area of our website for the complete list of continuing programs and projects of NGC.

National Garden Clubs, Inc. offers several established programs and projects for consideration in fulfilling the mission of all garden clubs. None are mandatory, but are intended to expedite the work of interested member clubs. NGC chairmen are knowledgeable and ready to assist whenever possible with requests for information or resources to implement local projects. The most important thing is to honor the interest and goals of your local clubs. Every project and program has merit.

Beautiful Monterrey, Mexico was the site for “Belleza Norestense” (The Beautiful Northeast) International Convention (COMHDE). Members from several countries enjoyed the outstanding programs, tours, and the warm hospitality of Mexico.

Gay Austin, Idalia de Aguilar and I were privileged to judge an advanced flower show for the 200th Anniversary Celebration “Cathedral Metropolitana de Santiago de Guatemala” in Guatemala City. All the clubs in Guatemala worked together to stage this impressive show on the altars, benches, columns, and atrium of the historic cathedral.

Thank you, to each state, region, and country visited for the invitation to attend your meetings, the generous hospitality extended, and for sharing your love of gardening. Take time to enjoy all that garden clubs offer as we Leap Into Action.

Sandra H. Robinson
President 2015-2017
National Garden Clubs, Inc.



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