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Rocky Mountain Region


Rocky Mountain Region Seal

RMR Director Darlene Skari

Director Darlene Skari, Montana


"Advancing Our Horizons-
New Thoughts, Ways and Ideas"

Regional Project:  A Public Event to Illustrate the Theme

The eight states of the Rocky Mountain Region cover a very diverse part of the United States.  Montana, Utah, Wyoming, and Colorado are considered to be part of the west, while North Dakota, South Dakota, Kansas and Nebraska are more the mid-west.  Much of the area was once labeled on maps as The Great American Dessert, an area to be traveled through as quickly as possible.  While there are cities such as Denver, Salt Lake, and Omaha, many garden clubs are in fairly isolated rural settings.

What all members have in common is a real desire to educate and spread the knowledge of many aspects of gardening to improve the part of the world they inhabit.  The areas may be different, from the high mountain valleys surrounded by forests to the short grass prairies and the deep soil of the Red River Valley in North Dakota.  Garden club members are leaders in education in their areas as they understand local conditions.  Learning to deal with droughts, wind, poor or little water, insects and diseases are understood best at the local level as conditions vary so much.

A pressing problem for the clubs of the Region, especially rural ones, is membership.  Members are aging, family members are busy and younger generations are less likely to join any volunteer orgaization.  Sharing ideas can help us "Advance Our Horizons."

Regional Officers:

     Alternate Director: Phyllis White
      Secretary:  Terry Kroke
      Treasurer:  Linda Sadler
      Parliamentarian:  Lynnette Jeffres
      Historian:  Darlene Pearson
      Advisory Chairman:  Beverly Heidelberger
      Webmaster:  Phyllis White

Award of Excellence Chair

Sandra Dennis

Awards Chair

Donna Rouch

Rocky Mountain Region State Presidents

Louise Niekerk
Kansas:  Jackie G. Watts
Montana:  Linda Sadler
Nebraksa:  Charlotte Swanson
North Dakota:  Angie Maetzold
South Dakota:  Mary K. Lerssen
Utah:  Geoff Ellis
Wyoming:  Lynette Jeffres

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