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Freightened Frog Book

A Message from NGC President Sandra H. Robinson

Pollinators and amphibians are "the canaries in the coal mine" crying out a warning that all is not well. We need to heed their cry and "Leap into Action" before our environment and food sources are severely threatened through the loss of these vitalspecies.

NGC recognizes the importance of both education and action in the fight to conserve our pollinators and amphibian populations. We are actively engaging our membership and the general public in this endeavor through the Million Garden Challenge partnership with National Wildlife Federation (NWF), Monarch Watch, North American Butterfly Association (NABA), and The Center for Plant Conservation (CPC). In addition, we offer educational programs and resources for the youth including publication of "The Frightened Frog, An Environmental Tale."

As an organization, we accept the challenge to "Leap into Action!”


Increase Awareness and Encourage Conservation

The 2015-2017 NGC President’s Special 2-Year Project, “Service in Action”, is intended to increase awareness of the seriousness of the demise of pollinators and amphibians and encourage conservation and protection efforts by clubs, the general public and governmental agencies.

NGC Serice In Action Special 2 Year President's ProjectOften called the first bio-indicators; amphibians and pollinators, by their presence, abundance, and activities reveal the state of their ecosystems. Pollinator and amphibian populations are declining worldwide through the effects of pesticides, habitat destruction, diseases, parasites, global warming, and introduced predators. Education, habitat conservation, and protection of at risk populations are issues we can change through our actions.