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Welcome to the
Federated Garden Clubs of Nebraska
, Inc.

Celebrating 83 years of Garden Clubs in Nebraska

Be a wildlife action hero and leap into action to conserve and preserve:

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Annual Meeting
   Flower Show

Our motto:
  cultivating the good life.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Federated Garden Clubs of Nebraska is:  to plant seeds of interest in gardening, landscaping, flower shows, environmental issues, community beautification, charitable activities and  to cultivate those seeds through sponsored schools, correspondence, and sharing of knowledge for the Good Life of Nebraska.

The Federated Garden Clubs of Nebraska has twenty local clubs with a total membership of three hundred seventy-one.  We were organized in 1934.  We are a state affiliate of the National Garden Clubs, Inc.(NGC) and the Rocky Mountain Region of the NGC. From "The Sower" atop the state capital and the grain elevators rising like monoliths across the state; from the Sand Hills to the fertile prairies, our roots are in agriculture.  We are a diverse group of men, women and children that love the feel of warm soil in our hands, love to nurture plants, reap their bounty and immerse ourselves in their beauty and love the opportunity to participate in community outreach, fellowship, education and travel.  We celebrate the impact each member has in the garden, in the community and beyond.

You are invited to

Come Grow with Us
Cultivate the Good Life

E-mail us at fedgardenclubne@gmail.com
News Editor at jim@rouchpartners.com

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